ALHONGA Enterprise CO., LTD. was founded in Taiwan in 1981.The main manufacturing products are related to "Brake System" for bike industry. Nowadays, ALHONGA TAIWAN has transformed into a role to providing OEM and ODM service to satisfy all of our customers around the world. At year 2000, ALHONGA VIETNAM, her foreign factory, was established due to our fast business expansion from market demands on brake items. All of the installation of in-house processing brings our customer a truly comparative benefit thru 100% of quality monitoring on all of our brake products as brake, lever, outer casing and inner wire.

To guarantee a safety product to customer, a whole new EN Lab was separately equipped in both Taiwan and Vietnam factory at beginning of year 2007. Definitely, our customer can always receive their contentment due to a best quality control from the commitment of ALHONGA EN Lab.

Viewing the future, ALHONGA is still moving forwardly thru a non-stop R&D work, stable quality and innovative function invention to satisfy our customer continually. The vision, for ALHONGA, is always to play a quality-product provider and makes end-user an enjoyable biking experience around the world.
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